Our lives and our businesses are defined by our connections. The size of your network and the quality of your connections determine the trajectory of your success. Relationships translate into opportunities.

Meridith Elliott Powel
Meridith Elliott Powel

One of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch by Currency Fair. An award winning author, keynote speaker and business strategist.

Our lives and our businesses are defined by our connections. Think about what that looks like in real life. Maybe a friend introduced you to your significant other. A neighbor mentioned a potential business lead that turned out to be your biggest client. The stranger you started chatting with at the airport ended up being your best employee. Relationships translate into opportunities.

“One of the very first things I do every day is network. I have a cup of coffee first, read my relentless vision and then I decide who I am going to network with.”
— Meridith Elliott Powel

From that standpoint, think about networking as a lifestyle rather than a task. It’s not a single event. It’s something professionals should do every day as part of their normal operating procedures.

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Thrive: Strategies to Turn Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage (Book) by Meridith Elliott Powel

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