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It’s no secret that inspiration has a will of its own.

It always seems to hit us at the most awkward possible time, often right when we’re in the middle of something. We must be willing to surrender to inspiration when it comes calling. That might mean dropping what we’re doing and changing plans at the last minute.

While we can’t control when inspiration decides to visit, there are a few things we can do to encourage the flow of inspiration and respond to it effectively when it does arrive.

1. See every point of the picture in focus

This is what the photographer Sebastião Salgado attempts to do in his work. Salgado is famous for his sprawling vista scenes which he packs with exquisite detail. He uses a technique in which every point of the picture is in focus. We need to practice something similar and make time for moments when we take in the whole scene at once.

2. Technique of bracketing

Our beliefs about what is and isn’t possible limit us. When we think that something isn’t possible, we’re defeated from the beginning because we’re not motivated to overcome the necessary challenges. But, when we bracket our own presumptions and approach a project with the conviction that it is possible, everything else is just logistics. Take inspiration from the author Mary Wesley. She didn’t publish a book until she was 70 years old, but still managed to become one of Britain’s most successful novelists writing ten best-sellers in the last two decades of her life.

Do Design: Why Beauty is Key to Everything - Alan Moore

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The text above was taken and slightly edited from the following sources.

Do Design: Why Beauty is Key to Everything

Do Design: Why Beauty is Key to Everything (Book) by Alan Moore

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