Quotesthetics and Face-ism Ratio
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Face-ism ratio, the ratio of face to body, influences the way people on images are perceived!

It was found, that irrespective of gender, people rate individuals in high face-ism images as being more intelligent, dominant, and ambitious than individuals in low face-ism images.

The high face-ism photographs emphasize more cerebral or personality-related attributes like intelligence and ambition.

The lower face-ism photographs emphasize more physical attributes like sensuality and physical attractiveness.

It is likely the result of unconscious processes resulting from a mix of biological and cultural factors.


Consider face-ism in the representation of people in photographs and drawings:

  • When the design objective requires more thoughtful interpretations or associations, use images with high face-ism ratios.
  • When the design objective requires more ornamental interpretations or associations, use images with low-face-ism ratios.
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The text above was taken and slightly edited from the following sources.

Universal Principles of Design (Book) by William Lidwell Kritina Holden

  • Design Principles
  • Perception
  • Psychology
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