Nobody cares! Your reader isn’t eagerly waiting for your [marketing] copy. In fact, they’d rather not read it at all. You have literally seconds to capture their attention before it jumps to something else.

Tom Albrighton
Tom Albrighton

UK-based copywriter and author of books on content writing.

Sometimes, it can feel like technology has made reading a thing of the past

But while we certainly use many different devices and channels these days, most of what we do on them is still text-based. And marketing messages still have to be written, regardless of how and where people read them. The skill of the copywriter is as important as ever. It just means you have to respect your reader, give them something interesting and always remember that they’re human.

Your job is to hit that sweet spot where your message meets readers’ interest – and turn that interest into action.

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Copywriting Made Simple

Copywriting Made Simple (Book) by Tom Albrighton

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