As a copywriter, you create the ideas that give marketing its soul.

Tom Albrighton
Tom Albrighton

UK-based copywriter and author of books on content writing.

The search for a simple, powerful idea can be long and frustrating

Copywriting can be tough. The search for a simple, powerful idea can be long and frustrating. Getting the right ideas in the right order can feel like doing a crossword without the clues. And once you’ve found words that are powerful and persuasive, you’ve also got to give them the right personality.

What’s more, nobody cares. Your reader isn’t eagerly waiting for your copy. In fact, they’d rather not read it at all. You have literally seconds to capture their attention before it jumps to something else. If your reader is online, they’ve got plenty more sites to choose from if yours turns out to be dull or confusing.

Your job is to hit that sweet spot where your message meets readers’ interest – and turn that interest into action. Respect your reader, give them something interesting and always remember that they’re human. Legendary copywriter Howard Luck Gossage said, ‘People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.’

Remember: The skill of the copywriter is as important as ever.

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Copywriting Made Simple

Copywriting Made Simple (Book) by Tom Albrighton

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