There is a huge difference between being brutally honest and simply being brutal.

Ken Segall
Ken Segall

Author and advertising creative director. Specializing in technology marketing, Segall was Steve Jobs' agency creative director for 12 years working for NeXT and Apple, and also for Dell, Intel and IBM.

The good news is, being brutal and being respected are not mutually exclusive.

Few of us have the willingness or capacity to be this honest 100 percent of the time. It’s not that we’re devious. It’s just that in certain circumstances, we become discomfort averse. We might want to spare someone’s feelings or avoid being the one to wreck the positive vibes in the room.

Truthfully, you can do the brutal thing without being brutal. Just explain your reasons!

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Insanely simple. The obsession that drives Apple's success

Insanely simple. The obsession that drives Apple's success (Book) by Ken Segall

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