What do people mean when they ask for simplicity? They want the simplicity of one-button operation, but with all of their favourite features. It simply is not possible.

Donald A. Norman
Donald A. Norman

An American researcher, professor, and author (The Design of Everyday Things). As Apple’s User Experience Architect (90's), he became the first person to have UX in his job title.

Everyone wants simplicity, but that request misses the point. Simplicity is not the goal. We do not wish to give up the power and flexibility of our technologies.

My single-button garage door opener may be simple, but it hardly does anything. If my cell phone only had one button it certainly would be simple, but all I could do would be turn it on or off: I wouldn’t be able to make a phone call.

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Living with Complexity

Living with Complexity (Book) by Donald A. Norman

  • Design & Arts
  • Life is Complex
  • Simplicity
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